Gail & Michael Cook - Spoke Building and Interiors

Business Couples Secret Sauce

Dec 6 2020 • 1 hr

Tune in to discover how Michael & Gail built a thriving building and interiors business whilst sticking to their core values of Integrity, service, quality, communication, sustainability, team and Innovation. There are some great learnings here of how to play to your strengths as a business couple and keep an eye on the big picture. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

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Some Secret Sauce highlights from this episode:


When going into a business as a couple make sure you have the skills in what you're doing. Make sure that at least one person has the specific skills needed and is really passionate about what they're doing? Because everything else will kind of fall into place


When it gets overwhelming remember to take a breather, take a breath and remember your goals and what you're doing it all for. And don't expect to get it right all the time.


You can’t make all your decisions together as a business couple. You have to figure out who’s going to take the responsibility for a particular project. You can’t have 100% joint decisions on everything. The person with the better insight into the situation is the decision-maker to go with.  You have to trust each other when one or the other gets a good feeling or a bad feeling about something.