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For three years, Stoya and Rich Juzwiak have been giving advice to Slate readers on all things sex—mismatched libidos, secret desires, (bad) sexting, surprising fetishes, and assorted other wild things. Now they're joining forces to answer their most jaw-dropping questions yet, sometimes with the help of special guests. Whatever you want to know about sex—truly, whatever—they'll tell you how to do it.
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Introducing: How to Do It
Sep 10 2021
50 seconds
My Girlfriend’s Real Sexual History Caught Me Off GuardI Have the Curse of the Straight WomanWhat Happens After I Fight With My Girlfriend Is … WorrisomeI Discovered an Astonishing “Secret” About My BoyfriendThe Big Problem With Well-Endowed MenI Saw What My Husband Is Secretly Doing on His ComputerThe Truth That Would Devastate My HusbandI Feel Terrible About What Turns Me On. But It’s So Hot.The Question You Can Never Ask Men on Dating AppsMy Wife’s Devastating Confession About Our Sex LifeI Thought I Was Pro-Sex WorkWhat I Just Caught My Wife DoingLove at First JizzIntroducing: How to Do It