The Bachelor - Season 25, Week 8 (Hometowns)

Bachelor Massacre

Mar 3 2021 • 18 mins

Hey all. J Waves here. Last week was a mess as far as getting this show done. Monday night I was hit with an epic case of strep throat and my tonsils looked like scorched earth with gravel and scabs poured on it. 8 edibles, 6 pain pills, half a bottle of "severe" NyQuil, and some Amoxicillin later, I am doing much better. But in the brief window between Hometowns and The Women Tell All, Mandy had a birthday which she needed to celebrate all weekend long.

So last night, before recording our TWTA ep, we pieced together a short odyssey of what we remembered about the Hometowns episode which apparently was not much. I still have a craving for ham after Serena P's Canadian field trip and quiz. Serena, please call me soon, I'd love to hear more about the land of maple leaves and gravy. Serena C, I'd love to hear from you as well. You can tell me about "yummm" and "Daddy".

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