The Bachelor - Season 25, Week 7

Bachelor Massacre

Feb 19 2021 • 50 mins

OOF. A LOT HAS HAPPENED IN BACHELOR NATION SINCE OUR LAST EPISODE. I highly doubt you fux with this podcast and don't know what has been going on, but just in case: Matt James favorite Rachael Kirkconnell found herself facing accusations of racism when the tasteless behavior of her past was revealed, including apparently bullying a friend for liking Black guys and DEFINITELY getting her "plantation vibes" on at an Antebellum-themed Old South party thrown by a frat whose members regularly beat off to pictures of Robert E. Lee.

Following this, shit REALLY hit the fan when Chris Harrison went on Extra to talk to Bachelorette royalty Rachel Lindsay. You can read about what happened on your own, but let's just say he fucking blew it. Bad. And talked down to Rachel on her own show! As a result, he will be stepping down as the host of the Bachelor for an undetermined period of time and will not be involved in After The Final Rose.

Rachel Lindsay's disrespect, which was totally avoidable, is yet another stain on the not-exactly-diverse franchise. To hear in Lindsay's own words why she felt the way she did, we recommend this episode of the podcast Bachelor Party. To read the full recap from Ali Barthwell that I reference on the show, go here.

While this episode of the Bachelor felt super gross, we still watched it. And recapped the fuck out of it. This was the lead-up to Hometowns so shit is getting realer than "Real Deal" Holyfield.

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