The Bachelor - Season 25, Week 11 (After The Final Rose)

Bachelor Massacre

Mar 17 2021 ā€¢ 35 mins




Was that me or Matt James? Who knows anymore, the sighs all blend together.

This episode of After The Final Rose was fucking depressing and maybe this episode of Bachelor Massacre is too. We prolly talk more about race stuff than love stuff but that is the season that we were dealt. And perhaps that is a good thing in a way. You be the judge! I'm just trying to stay out of court.

Shout out Emmanuel Acho for taking the reigns, asking the tough questions, wearing a turtleneck, and stretching that suit to the limit.

In a nutshell: Michelle and Katie are the new Bachelorettes (but not at the same time). Rachael loves Matt. Matt hates Rachael. And talk shows without a studio audience are weird. Good night, America!

What's next for Bachelor Massacre? We don't even know but hopefully BIP is right around the corner ... šŸ¤ž

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