The Bachelor - Season 25, Week 9 (The Women Tell All)

Bachelor Massacre

Mar 4 2021 • 43 mins

I'm too tired to write a witty description of this episode but let's just say that The Women Tell All was a bit ho-hum seeming. I would have preferred a darker shade of lipstick on Serena C, but that's just me. Mandy would have liked to have seen a dang oil treatment on MJ's hair because that shit looked brittle, which I think is how I like blonde hair since I am attracted to farmers, and subsequently, hay. MJ could never be a farmer though because she is afraid of chickens and eggs. Mari really fought for her spot on BIP by acting like she was a relevant contestant but we personally don't give her much airtime. Unfortunately, we do talk about Victoria a lot, from her non-apologies to her aquatic jumpsuit to her use of the word "literally", which struck a chord with my co-host Amanda "Literally, bro. Literally!" Alvarez.

It was also a reminder of how much good stuff gets edited out in favor of drama and fighting. At this point, aren't we all just hate-watching this shit?

Do y'all think that some of this season's women were particularly bad? The term "mean girls" seems to have really stuck to a certain group of them. Let us know if you think they were victims of a bad edit or BAD CREDIT, uknowhatimsayin??? Obviously, all the toxic behavior was purposely highlighted, but do you think it was blown out of proportion? Or are some of these ladies just evil?

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