The Bachelor - Season 25, Week 1

Bachelor Massacre

Feb 10 2021 • 22 mins

Welcome to Bachelor Massacre! This episode originally appeared as bonus content on the J Waves podcast Lurk Mode.


As they say in the clock industry, timing is everything. So we are going to wait one more day to post our official first episode because (insert air horns) it's officially BACHELOR SEASON and boy do we got a hot one. Oh, what, you didn't know I was a part of Bachelor Nation? You think just because I'm a hard ass rapper I don't fux with a lil reality TV? GTFOH!

One of the best parts of watching The Bach is reading the recaps after (shout out Betches for the dopest posts) so on a whim I decided that I had to do one too and since the premiere ep of Season 25 just dropped, I figured I needed to get it in while it was still f-r-e-s-h.

I recruited my viewing partner MandySays to do it with me and if you like how it's going down let us know so we keep up with it. Please note, this is "all spoilers/no background" so if you ain't seen it, like, you will be lost af but maybe you will enjoy it anyway. It's less of a recap and more of a teardown but that's most recaps anyway 😬


Theme Song by Cheers For Fears (Boy In Sleep and Kent Hernandez)