The Bachelor - Season 27, Week 1

Bachelor Massacre

Jan 26 2023 • 42 mins

Zach is neither a snack nor a mack: discuss.

Welcome back to the Bachelor Mansion, folks! It's time for another set of arrivals turned rivals, hot messes in dresses, and tears for fears.

Season 27 of The Bachelor is finally here and our lead this year is (surprise!) a boring white bro grown in a petri dish using Jesse Palmer's DNA and a dab of hair gel. Zach Shallcross's journey has begun and I wish his last name didn't end in an "s" like Matt James because this means a whole 'nother season of apostrophe anxiety.

Join me and MandySays this episode as we pour gas on an already burning building.

If you want to read about the already revealed racist tweets of one of this season's contestants, you can peep that here. Even though it came out immediately, we were not aware of it until after we recorded. But I'm sure there will be plenty more controversies to highlight. Stay tuned!