039 - Sumanta Roy VP: TCS, The Future of Money - Fintech and Digital Banks

Heads Talk

May 16 2021 • 54 mins

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Episode Title:-🇦🇪The Future of Money - Fintech & Digital Banks🇦🇪

#HeadsTalk this week we take a break from the #HTHospitality Series to talk with my distinguished guest Sumanta Roy, who is the Vice President and Head of Tata Consulting Services - TCS, Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean region. Sumanta has spent nearly 30 years in the professional services industry working across the globe in a number of sectors. It's all about money this week and what an educational conversation I had with Sumanta. We hear about the adoption of #Fintech in the #UAE and #NorthAfrica as well as the development of a pure digital bank. Some comparisons are made to the West and Sumanta hypotheses on future developments in that region. What an education and a fascinating conversation, whether you are in the financial services or not. Very detailed. Wholly forensic. Have a listen.

Topics Covered: #Money #PureDigitalBanks  #OpenBanking #FintechAdoption #Hyperloop #AIinBanking

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