The Accessibility Factor With Eric Jorgenson of Special Needs Navigator

Frederick Factor

Oct 20 2021 • 37 mins

Show Summary

We loved this conversation with Eric Jorgensen, and we’re sure you’ll walk away with as many insights as we did. If you’re a parent of a child with special needs, you’ll gain tremendous value from hearing Eric’s story and learning about the resources he’s created. Eric also shared valuable tips and an insider's perspective on making the hiring process more accessible for people with special needs, why it’s so important, and practical ideas on accessible accommodations in the workplace. Listen in to be a better advocate and ally to those with disabilities or special needs.

Show Notes

  • Eric’s journey of navigating the benefits and services in the disability world for his son that ultimately led to creating Special Needs Navigator
  • What’s inside of the booklets he creates for families in all 50 states to help them figure out how to transition their child from child services to adult services successfully
  • The difference between the terms “disability” and “special needs”
  • Practical tips for employers to make job interviews more accessible
  • Why employers shouldn’t be overly intimidated by the term “reasonable accommodations” and key mindsets to think about accessibility in the workplace
  • An insider's perspective on accommodations within the workplace and the big difference these can make
  • Why it’s so important to be mindful about trying to do things for someone with special needs and to give them instead a chance to go at their own pace
  • Eric would like other parents with children with disabilities to know: you aren’t alone
  • Tips for aspiring underrepresented entrepreneurs
  • Eric’s Frederick Factor

Guest Bio:

Eric Jorgensen, ChSNC, is the founder of Special Needs Navigator and a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. His company was born out of his journey of being the father to a son with autism. After his wife's sudden and unexpected death right when he was retiring from the Navy, Eric was thrust into navigating the special needs world as a single father in a new state. He promised himself he would do what he could to prevent other families from experiencing what he’d lived through. This led to starting his business, Special Needs Navigator, which helps caregivers, families, and individuals navigate the maze of benefits, resources, and services for their children with special needs.

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