The Authenticity Factor with Angel and Crystal Rivera of Puerto Rico Distillery

Frederick Factor

Oct 14 2021 • 37 mins

Show Summary

This episode features a lively and fun conversation with the team behind Frederick’s Puerto Rico Distillery, Angel Rivera and Crystal Rivera. They shared their love of Puerto Rican moonshine and what makes it so special--and Sandy even enjoyed sampling some during the interview. Sandy spoke with this father-daughter team and they shared their journey of bringing this beloved beverage to the USA, opening a business during the Pandemic, and falling in love with Frederick.

Show Notes

  • Why Angel and Crystal decided to start their business and only serve the Puerto Rican rum, Pitorro
  • Frederick’s “siren call” that led them to open their distillery here
  • How they’ve been supported by the Frederick community with open arms
  • The distances people will drive to try their authentic Pitorro, which can only be found in Puerto Rico
  • Their experiences being an underrepresented business in Frederick, and how they share their native culture with the beauty, integrity, and pride it deserves
  • The many ways this father-daughter team is committed to giving back through distillery offerings
  • How they had to creatively “pivot” on their opening plans due to opening at the beginning of COVID in March 2020
  • Angel and Crystal share their Frederick Factor

Guest Bio

Puerto Rico Distillery is located in Frederick, Maryland, and is led by father-daughter team Angel Rivera and Crystal Rivera. They are part of a career Navy family, and are award-winning ambassadors of their culture in the state of Maryland. Puerto Rico Distillery specializes in high-quality artisanal Puerto Rican diaspora rum. Affectionately known on the island as Pitorro, it’s been close to impossible to find it anywhere outside of Puerto Rico. Pitorro is a rum distilled from sugar cane molasses that for centuries has been enjoyed by Puerto Rican families and friends. Puerto Rico Distillery aims to share the unofficial national spirit of Puerto Rico and its rich traditions.

Show Links:

Learn More About the Puerto Rican Distillery: www.puertoricodistillery.com

Visit their distillery in Frederick, Maryland:

1341 Hughes Ford Road

Unit 113A

Frederick, MD 21701