The Uniqueness Factor with Nikki Reineck of Sisters in Style

Frederick Factor

Jan 5 2022 • 29 mins

Show Summary

For our final episode of Season One of the Frederick Factor, our guest is Nikki Reineck, the owner and CEO of the clothing boutique Sisters in Style. Nikki shares her journey as a business owner and discusses how Sisters in Style evolved from an at-home business to opening a storefront in Frederick, Maryland and a facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. Nikki is also part of the deaf community, and her employees are all deaf as well. She shares with us the unique experience people can have in her store and how communities can make events more accessible and inclusive for the deaf community.

Show Notes

  • How Nikki and her sister got the original inspiration to start selling clothing as a side business
  • How they made the transition from direct sales to opening their first storefront
  • The encouragement they received from their customer base to open a boutique in Frederick
  • What it was like expanding the business during the pandemic
  • The ways that sisterhood supports Nikki and her sister to be successful in their business
  • Some of the goals they have to support other deaf-owned business owners and suppliers in their business
  • The unique and valuable experience customers can have in their store (including hearing people and those with deaf children)
  • The benefits of being located in Frederick, Maryland, where there’s a deaf community of over 3,000 people
  • Nikki’s Frederick Factor

Guest Bio:

Nikki Reineck is the owner and CEO of the clothing boutique, Sisters in Style, located in Frederick, Maryland, on Shab Row at 116 N. East Street. They’re open Wednesdays through Sundays. They offer a variety of styles and sizes in their boutique so that there’s something everyone can enjoy. Everyone on their staff is in the deaf community, and they have a whiteboard in the store to communicate with hearing people. They welcome all customers to their boutique to explore the variety of clothing and those who want to learn more about deaf culture, sign language, or who are interested in supporting deaf-owned businesses. In addition to the Frederick location, there is a Sisters in Style location in Indianapolis, and they also sell their clothing online and through the Sisters in Style app.

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