In order to tell the story of a crime, you have to turn back time. Every season, Investigative journalist Delia D'Ambra digs deep into a mind-bending mystery with the hopes of reigniting interest in a decades old homicide case. read less

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Counterclock is a true crime podcast with a difference. Investigative journalist Delia D'Ambra sheds light on cold case murders. The host leaves no stone unturned in this deep-dive investigative podcast.

Each Counterclock season focuses on a single story. The extended format allows D'Ambra to examine her subjects exhaustively. She taps into the thoughts and accounts of witnesses, family members, and investigators.

The cold cases covered include the unsolved murders of two North Carolina women in their twenties. Both crimes occurred in the '90s. The fate of these two young victims had a personal resonance with the host. Investigating them on Counterclock, Delia D'Ambra goes back to her North Carolina roots. The third season investigates the shocking Pelley family massacre. This unsolved quadruple homicide shook the community of Lakeville, Indiana, and the nation in 1989.

In 2014, D'Ambra began her career in journalism. Since then, she has specialized in unsolved murders and cold case mysteries. D'Ambra also hosts the Park Predators true crime podcast. This series explores crimes and mysteries that take place in US national parks.

Audiochuck, a female-owned media network, presents the Counterclock podcast. Fans of Ashley Flowers' Crime Junkie and Phoebe Judge's Criminal won't want to miss out on this binge-worthy series.

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