21. The Impact of Trauma and Grief on Money Mindset and Financial Behaviors with Rhonda Velez

The Gracious Warriors Podcast | Abundance Mindset, Bible Based Leadership, Christian Online Business

Mar 25 2024 • 35 mins

Have you ever wondered how life's toughest moments can shape your financial decisions? Can  emotional baggage we carry from childhood affect our attitudes towards money? What if the key to transforming your financial narrative lies in understanding the deep-seated effects of trauma and grief?

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In this episode of the Gracious Warriors podcast, I am chatting with mindset and empowerment coach Rhonda Velez. Together, we explore the profound impact that trauma and traumatic experiences can have on a family's financial dynamics. We talk about the often overlooked concept of trauma beyond major life events and discuss how generational patterns can influence our money mindset.

Rhonda shares her insights on the various financial mindsets people hold and the societal taboos that make money discussions so challenging. We'll confront the lies of  Imposter syndrome and the essential steps we must take to overcome our fears and rewrite our financial stories for future generations.

Covered in this conversation:

  • Discussion on generational trauma and its influence on money mindset
  • Different mindsets people have towards money
  • Importance of investing in oneself and long-term payoff
  • Societal shame and discomfort around discussing money
  • Changing the narrative around money for future generations

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Connect with Rhonda Velez here: www.instagram.com/realityoflife02
Check out Rhonda's website for more information about her business coaching and strategic life planning: www.Rhondavelez.com

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