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A PERIOD PIECE featuring Shuchi Talati
A PERIOD PIECE featuring Shuchi Talati
EPISODE 04: A PERIOD PIECE featuring Shuchi Talati, Director/Writer of 'A Period Piece'This month we’re focusing on menstrual health and all things periods. Yes, the topic that literally billions of people around the world experience, yet is still heavily stigmatized in so many ways. From menstrual products being taxed as “luxury goods” in a number of countries, to the lack of access to period products, and women and girls being shunned from their communities and forced to stay in potentially dangerous spaces because menstruating is considered “dirty” or “unclean” by certain groups, it’s clear we have a long way to go to dismantle harmful cultural norms.   But one of the most exciting areas we are seeing change in, is film and media. From the 2018 Oscar-winning short documentary “Period. End of Sentence”, to more recently Pixar’s ‘Turning Red’ driving a tonne of conversations on social media about how periods are included in family films, this is what we need to see more of! No more silence!We are speaking with an acclaimed filmmaker Shuchi Talati, whose short narrative film 'A Period Piece' is breaking silence and taboos in powerful and beautiful ways. Shuchi is originally from India and her work challenges dominant narratives around gender, sexuality, race and South Asian identity. Shuchi is also a writer / producer for documentaries. Recent credits include We Are: Brooklyn Saints for Netflix, and Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas for HBO, where one of Shuchi’s episodes was nominated for a GLAAD award.Released in 2020, ‘A Period Piece’ follows main character Geetha, a control and order loving Indian-American woman who finally has sex with her lover Vehd one afternoon in her apartment, but things quickly turn messy when period blood stains her pristine couch and a fight erupts while they are having sex. The film has enjoyed nearly 2 years of a successful festival run, including being screened at our very own rePRO Film Fest, as well as SXSW in 2020. Dismantling stigma around menstruation starts with having open conversations and normalizing this very normal thing!
Apr 15 2022
26 mins
ON THE DIVIDE featuring Maya Cueva and Leah GalantEND-O featuring Elaine Gracie
EPISODE 03 (Part 2): Interview with Elaine Gracie, writer of ‘End-O’Welcome to Part 2 of the rePRO Film Podcast episode for March, where we are celebrating endometriosis awareness month by highlighting this important issue through advocacy, education and of course, a brilliant short film. If you haven’t yet listened to part 1 of this month’s episode, be sure to make that next on your to-do list! In this interview, I’ll be speaking with Elaine Gracie, the writer of ‘End-O’, a short film out of the UK which was originally released in 2020 and has since gone on to win a bunch of awards and continue to screen at numerous film festivals in the UK and throughout the world. Since March is Endometriosis awareness month, the story and central topic, based on writer Elaine’s real life experience, is as relevant as ever, especially given the statistics that 1 in 10 women are living with endo. Elaine opens up to me about her debilitating, and at times absurd reality of living with endo, how she channeled her rage toward the medical system into an acclaimed short film, why she welcomes even the trolling comments, and the next exciting iteration of this film. This is hands down one of my favorite interviews of all time and once you’re done listening you will know why! For the full transcript, please click here.SHOW NOTES:END-O (Dir. Alice Seabright | Screenwriter, Elaine Gracie)Watch on VimeoFollow on Instagram/Twitter: @endoshortfilmElaine Gracie: @wee_egracieListen to Part 1 of Episode featuring an interview with Jenne Rishe of The Endo CoalitionSign up for our free, monthly rePRO Periodical
Mar 29 2022
45 mins
THE ENDO CO featuring Jenne Rishe
EPISODE 03 (Part 1): Interview with Endo Coalition's Jenneh RisheWe’re all familiar with March being Women’s History Month, but did you know it is also Endometriosis awareness month? If you didn’t, don’t worry you certainly are not alone. In fact, despite the statistics that say 1 in 10 women in the US are living with endometriosis, many are suffering in silence. There are a number of reasons for this, ranging from lack of awareness, to misdiagnosis, and lack of funding for research toward endometriosis, all of which contribute to a widespread problem that deserves more education and amplification.So this is our theme for the month, and I am super excited for our interviews in this periodical. It will actually be a two-part episode, and in this first part, I will be speaking with Jenneh Rishe, the founder and executive director of an advocacy organization called The Endometriosis Coalition. Jenneh has been a Registered Nurse for over a decade, working in internal medicine, trauma, kidney transplant, oncology, and leukemia/bone marrow transplant. It took over 4 years, but Jenneh's medical background gave her the knowledge and skills to navigate how to finally get good care after she was diagnosed with endometriosis. With her love for healthcare, education, and teaching, she felt inspired to use her abilities to help other women understand the disease better. She is also the author of Part of You, Not All of You: Shared Wisdom and Guided Journaling for Life With Chronic Illness.  Jenneh is originally from New Jersey, and lives in Los Angeles. When asked why she felt so passionately about starting the The Endometriosis Coalition, she says "endometriosis is criminally under researched and horribly misunderstood, and I want to be a part of changing that, sooner rather than later."So let’s get into the discussion! SHOW NOTES:The Endometriosis Coalition - www.theendo.co  |  @theendo.coJenneh Rishe – jennehrishe.com Part of You, Not All of You: Shared Wisdom and Guided Journaling for Life With Chronic IllnessListen to Part 2 featuring Elaine Gracie, screenwriter of End-OThe rePRO Periodical – sign up at reprofilm.org
Mar 14 2022
23 mins
REBYRTH featuring Cydney Tucker and Imani Byers
EPISODE 02: An Interview with Rebyrth's Cydney Tucker and Imani Byers Welcome to  the rePRO Film Podcast series, hosted by Asha Dahya. If you haven’t already, sign up to the rePRO Periodical by heading to reprofilm.org where every month you will receive an email packed with repro goodies including this podcast interview, links to articles to keep you up to speed on the latest repro news, the link to watch the short film we are about to discuss, and of course some organizations you should be supporting right now. So let’s get into today’s interview and this month’s theme, Black Maternal Health. February is Black History Month in the United States, and we can’t talk about both the past and present of this country without looking at the pivotal role Black women have played in maternal healthcare and reproductive rights, and also the way Black women and Black bodies have been impacted. From the history of forced sterilization (which still happens in prisons today), to the very present problem of rising maternal mortality rates disproportionately impacting Black mothers, there is a reason why Reproductive Justice, a movement founded by Black women leaders in the 90’s, should be front and center in the larger effort for bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom today. And we will be discussing this.The film you get to watch this month is called ‘Rebyrth’, by filmmaker Cydney Tucker. This short documentary features Imani Byers, who is an Atlanta-based doula working to save the lives of Black mothers in their journey from pregnancy to motherhood. Her company is called ‘Rebyrth Wellness’, hence the name of the film.Cydney Tucker is a journalist and documentary filmmaker currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has written, produced, and directed films for CBS News, NBC News, Al Jazeera International (AJ+), and RYOT. Her latest projects include two films with the New York Times Presents’s Hulu/FX documentary series. Her work has been featured in several festivals including SXSW and New Orleans Film Festival. In addition to her professional background, Cydney has asked me to include some additional details about her. She is a self-described Black female with brown skin, dark brown hair that is twisted and pulled back into two low buns. She is wearing gold hoop earrings and a flowered blouse. Cydney is speaking from Chitimacha/Choctaw land, in New Orleans, Louisiana.Imani Byers is a full spectrum doula providing services in Atlanta & Savannah GA. She has a Masters in Public Health and Social Work and is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in the State of Georgia. Imani is also a Certified Yoga Instructor, and placenta encapsulation specialist. As shared in the film and on her website, Imani answered the call to birth work as a descendant of birth attendants, and to date has assisted over 30 families on their individual journeys, since starting her business during the height of COVID.  Be sure to listen all the way through to take note of some important action items toward the end. Now that we have all that housekeeping out of the way, please meet my guests!
Feb 8 2022
51 mins
THIS IS NOT A LOVE LETTER featuring Ariel Zucker, Daryl Paris Bright, and Isabel Pask
EPISODE 01: Interview with This Is Not A Love Letter's Ariel Zucker, Daryl Paris Bright, and Isabel PaskAs we all know, we just ended 2021 on a very turbulent and uncertain note in terms of reproductive rights and specifically abortion access because of two very big Supreme Court cases involving Mississippi and Texas abortion laws. Now, while we wait for a ruling from this ultra-conservative court in June and as we look ahead to the midterms in November, there has never been a better time to double down on conversations around the need for reproductive justice and more specifically, using art and filmmaking as a tool for creating change and moving the needle. So now that you know, our vision for 2022, let's get into today's episode. While not all the films we covered this year will be about abortion per se. We thought it was a very fitting note to focus January's episode on this very topic with our first short film. This is not a love letter, especially given this month's 49th anniversary of Roe versus Wade, which sadly may very well be its last. There is talk that the landmark Supreme Court case from 1973, which legalized abortion in America, may not survive to see its 50th year in existence. So talking about the right to abortion access right now is important. Today, I'll (Asha Dahya) be speaking with director Ariel Zucker, producer Daryl Paris Bright, and poet Isabel Pask. Click here for the full transcript + show notes.Learn more at reprofilm.org and view here on YouTube "THIS IS NOT A LOVE LETTER"
Jan 10 2022
46 mins