Holy Addiction // Matt Cruz


Feb 6 2021 • 39 mins

Many people in the world are addicted to something: drugs, alcohol, caffeine, relationships, success, sin.
But the only addiction you need in your life is Jesus.

Listen to this sermon as Matt Cruz lights up a fire within you to burn for Jesus Christ - may He be an ALL-CONSUMING fire in YOUR life!


Addiction to Jesus is the solution for you to live a godly and holy life.

"If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world."
– C. S. Lewis

When you hear the word addictions, we usually think about drugs.
Gambling is another. Smoking. Alcohol. Internet. Social Media. Influence. Competition.

There's a huge hole in the heart of every person alive—a deep void that screams to be filled. People are addicted to trying to fill this void because they want to be satisfied. We attempt to fill that void with everything other than God.

Problem: none of them will ultimately satisfy. Jesus is the only One who can satisfy your soul!

People are addicted to sin!

The Danger of Sin:
It’s a temporary feeling for an eternal loss!
It will rob you of your testimony and it invites the discipline of God in your life.

A little sin leads to more sin.
It invites the discipline of God.
It will always make you less than what you could be.

Others suffer consequences due to your sin.
Your sin may influence others to sin.
Your sin may keep others from knowing Christ.
It is impossible to sin and follow the Spirit at the same time.
Sin steals your reputation and robs you of your testimony.

C.S Spurgeon said that sin would not be so attractive if the wages were paid immediately.

When we attempt to fill the void in us with things other than God, those things become idols. All of those "other" things are not wrong in themselves. We are free to enjoy them in their proper place, but anything in our lives that get the devotion that God alone deserves becomes an idol.

This is the year to get addicted to Jesus!

Matthew 22:37
Luke 14:26
Matthew 10:37
Revelations 3:16

He is my peace.
He is my joy.
He is my sanctifier.
He is my Shepherd.
He is my song of praise.
He is my future.
He is the King of my heart & the King of Love!
He is my fortress, my shield, and my guardian.
He is my Master.
He is my leader.

He is our goal – to become like Him and partake of His nature.

He is my Judge.
He is my faithful, upright friend.
He is my rock and my foundation.
He is the author of my faith, the author of peace and the author of life!
He is the truth. There is never a reason to doubt Him.
So many men wanted to become God, but only one God became man!

He is my defender.
He is the Mediator; He mediates between the Father and me. I have access to the Father through Him.
He is God’s Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit.
He is my High Priest who has compassion with me.
He is my refuge.
He is the fountain of my life.
He is unchangeable and without shadow of turning. H
He is everything!

Jesus addict: I crave him, need him to function, sometimes I need him just to breathe.

Jesus is the source of the fruit of the Spirit. When you are a Jesus addict, you become a Jesus follower; your every thought, every word, every act, will be motivated and activated by God’s unconditional love, revealed and powered by Holy Spirit.

Come running into the arms of Jesus Christ! He’s waiting not with a temporary fix but with an eternal change.

There needs to be a change of citizenship. You surrender your sinful life in exchange for the righteous life that God has prepared for you. The lifestyle you choose represents your citizenship.

Consider 1 John 1:6-7