miracle catch


Apr 29 2019 • 30 mins

Pastor Vlad preached a message on our vision and mission is people. He went to take example from the story when Peter went finish and the instructions Jesus gave them. He took few points from that's story which we can learn how to catch the biggest miracle in our life and be able to handle it when it comes.

Sermon Notes:

Team work makes the dream work!

Luke 5:5 We have toiled all night and caught nothing
John 21:3 That night they caught nothing

From caught “nothing” to abundance of fish.

Get in the boat

Sometimes God drys up the sea, other times he gives you a boat.

Go deep

Before there is great commandment there is great commission. Devotion precedes discipleship

Cast your net

If you are not fishing you are not following. We don’t exist to compete with other boats but to catch the fish in the sea.

Pull the net

“Bring some of the fish you have just caught” John 21:10

Jesus influenced masses but impacted few disciples. Apostles did that too.
We are called to make disciples, not just make decisions.
Pastors are to equip saints to do work ministry, not just do ministry.
Purpose of groups: connect, care and grow.
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