S1E01 Thinking different, Innovating differently with Josh Ghaim, Founding Partner, Ignite Venture Studio

The Mindful Leadership Podcast with Shahana Banerjee

Jun 13 2022 • 53 mins

Do you know of anyone who has contacts from 90-100 countries on their phone? Well…now you do! Meet Josh Ghaim - Founding Partner, Ignite Venture Studio, my good friend, innovator and inventor, a well loved leader and mentor to many.

Learn more about his story, from being born in the middle of war, to volunteering in refugee camps and how it shaped him as a leader, and his journey to becoming the Chief Technology Officer of Johnson & Johnson, and leaving it all behind, to launch his own company.

As Josh says, his mindset of “what’s the worst thing that can happen?”, has fueled his quest for trying new things, taking risks, and making a difference. And has helped him embrace mistakes and failures, and accept them as part of growth.

The Mindful Leadership Podcast

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