Podcast Workflows - Tips for podcasters to grow their podcast without wasting time.

Joe Casabona, Podcast Systems Coach

Do you love having a podcast, but hate the amount of time you spend on? Feel like you're spinning your wheels trying to grow while also putting out a quality show? This is the show for you. Podcast Workflows provides insights into how to improve your podcast systems and workflows — allowing you to create and grow a high quality podcast by showing you how to best spend your limited time. Join podcast systems coach and host Joe Casabona to get get deep dives into how popular podcasters create their shows, industry news, experiments, live coaching calls, and tutorials about automations, tools, and productivity. If you want save time while also increasing your listenership, grow your business, and establish your expertise, Podcast Workflows is for you! read less

Our Editor's Take

The Profitable Podcaster is an informative, instructional podcast. Hosted by expert podcaster Joe Casabona, this show has a simple goal. It wants to help people make money by podcasting.

Casabona was an early adopter when it came to podcasting. And The Profitable Podcaster is his way to share everything he knows with listeners who are willing to learn. The main purpose of this podcast is simple. Listeners can make money employing his podcasting strategies.

Every episode of The Profitable Podcaster explains a different element of how to make money podcasting. Some segments talk about tips for finding the best podcast sponsors. Others will focus on defining a mission statement. And others discuss what not to do when perfecting a podcast profit system. No matter what topic is on the show, the mission is simple. It's to learn how to make money podcasting.

Each episode of The Profitable Podcaster gets to the point right away. Episode titles like "Is Your Podcast a Painkiller?" explain what the program is about. The idea of being a "painkiller" podcast is that it helps those who listen. It does so by giving them practical information to solve their problems. This show has a similar goal.

Listeners do not need to commit to hours-long episodes to reap the benefits. Instead, these small installments are usually about 15 to 20 minutes. That's the right amount of time to get the message across without derailing the day. New episodes of The Profitable Podcaster release two to three times a month.

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