How to Connect to Goodness During Difficult Times with Jennifer Pilates

Empowered Within with Jennifer Pilates

Jun 28 2023 • 15 mins

Welcome to our Empowered Within Summer Serious of self-care, motivation, empowering inspirations, learning to cultivate new amazing self-care habits that will take you through the fall, through the winter and as we end this year. This is your time to be present, to learn new self-care habits that you can embrace as we grow and together this summer.

Empowered Within Host:
Hi, I'm Jennifer! Empowering You to Be You! Welcome to my cozy world, our "ah-ha" place of growth, insights, healing, inspiration and empowering success!

Jennifer Pilates, Spiritual Thought Leader has been  transforming clients body, mind and spirits worldwide for over 20-years as a Celebrity Trainer + Empowerment Mindset Coach, World-Renowned Intuitive-Medium Advisor, Author and Host of the Top-Rated Podcast Host Empowered Within.

Jennifer is a  multi-passionate entrepreneur, detail-loving, stubborn-as-heck achiever, unshakeable optimistic, philanthropic, self-care activist, fur-baby momma and ocean loving intuitive-empath.

"My mission is to help you discover your own truths, gain self-empowerment and in turn transform Body, Mind and Spirit.”   – Jennifer XO

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