How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed with Michelle Gauthier

Empowered Within with Jennifer Pilates

Apr 26 2023 • 33 mins

Michelle Gauthier is a recovering Type A overachiever who got sick of life being "crazy busy" all the time.  Michelle was exhausted from juggling motherhood and a demanding career while also trying to be a good wife, friend, sister, daughter. While cooking healthy meals. And staying in shape. And having a lovely home. And volunteering at my kids' school.

One night Michelle was folding laundry and listening to a podcast, and the guest was a life coach. As she explained what she did and how she helped people, Michelle immediately thought “I want that job!” That night, she couldn’t sleep. Michelle got up out of bed and went to computer. I googled “best life coach” and Martha Beck came up.

Fast forward to today, Michelle Gauthier is a professional life coach who helps busy, overwhelmed women create a more calm and intentional life.

Michelle is a single mom of two adopted kids and used to be an overwhelmed, busy working mom herself. She quit her successful 20 year corporate career to become a life coach in 2017. Since then, Michelle has helped hundreds of women learn to navigate their careers and home lives with ease.

"I am living a life that feels calm, authentic, and intentional. It is my greatest joy is to help others do the same." - Michelle Gauthier

Empowered Within Host:
Hi, I'm Jennifer! Empowering You to Be You! Welcome to my cozy world, our "ah-ha" place of growth, insights, healing, inspiration and empowering success!

Jennifer Pilates, Spiritual Thought Leader has been  transforming clients body, mind and spirits worldwide for over 20-years as a Pilates Expert Trainer,  Empowerment Mindset Coach, World-Renowned Intuitive -Medium Advisor, Writer and Host of the Top-Rated Podcast Host Empowered Within.  Jennifer is a  multi-passionate entrepreneur, detail-loving, stubborn-as-heck achiever, unshakeable optimistic, philanthropic, self-care activist, fur-baby momma and ocean loving intuitive-empath.

"My mission is to help you discover your own truths, gain self-empowerment and in turn transfor

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