For the Love of Reiki

Paula Vail

My goal is that you will gain new knowledge and insight about Reiki, as well as gain your own self-empowerment. Every day, I wish to help others live with love and compassion, thus allowing their own blessings to manifest. Our show will be about Reiki. It will cover many different aspects of Reiki, and other topics that work with Reiki. Shamanism, nutrition, self-empowerment etc.brbr We’ll discuss how Reiki fits in with Western medicine and other alternative healing modalities (chiropractic, massage, SVH, etc.), Reiki in hospitals, and the tremendous effect it has in regard to surgeries, pain, and its role in healing, and its value to a Reiki practitioner, How Reiki aids in healing us physically and emotionally, discussion on our LEF (Luminous energy field, and Reiki is an energy healing modality) and discuss how our energy field, vibration, and intent play such a huge role in our health, happiness, and self-empowerment.

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