Amazing Intellitrees

For the Love of Reiki

Sep 21 2016 • 51 mins

In this Fantastic and Exciting show, Gary Voss,-CEO of Green-Aid Foundation- and Jeff Louis,-Founder of PlanetOneSolutions.org- Inventors of Intellitrees share fascinating information about Intellitrees. Intellitrees are a one-of-a-kind, stand alone, self-powered line of 'smart tree' technology. Gary and Jeff share details about this tree, such as its ability to create its own power via the sun, wind, hydrogen, and proprietary methods. It is capable of extracting water directly from the surrounding ambient air and dispersing it. The capabilities of these trees are going to be a huge benefit for our entire planet. So great for our planet. So exciting! So inspiring! For more information see www. IntelliTrees.com