An Earth Day Prayer Service

Renew Your Faith

Apr 26 2021 • 49 mins

Our entire planet is at a crossroads. We are fast approaching a tipping point which will send us down a path of destruction. There is still time, however, to change course if we learn to care for our common home and be good stewards of creation. This Earth Day we joined in prayer for our planet as we seek a worldwide conversion of hearts and minds. Our prayer included a reflection by  Sister Arlene Flaherty on Creation at the Crossroads. Arlene Flaherty OP is a Dominican Sister of Blauvelt NY. Over the past four decades of her religious life, her ministry has been primarily in Justice Education, Spirituality, and Legislative advocacy. She holds a Doctorate in Ministry and graduate degrees in Theology and Scripture. Arlene is currently serving as the Director of the Office of Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation for the School Sisters of Notre Dame.