S1:E2 Origin Story of a People-Pleaser Addict

Asians Breaking Ceilings

Aug 28 2023 • 35 mins

So many of us were told by our parents they wanted a boy. Could this be the reason many AAPI women suffer from imposter syndrome and low self-confidence? Is this why we end up being the hard-working, reliable, bad-ass, get sh*t done awesome women but also feel the need to keep proving ourselves?

Today Jeanny shares her story so we can look together at the childhood events and people who shaped our cultural norms. As we become self-aware of how we lost our confidence, we have a good chance of getting our power back. And ending the People Pleasing habit.

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[00:00] Teaser

[00:45] Episode 1 Trailer

[02:05] The Origin of the People-Pleaser

[8:17] Coming to America

[10:54] Not belonging in American school

[12:50] Not belonging in Chinese school

[14:12] Stress from my family

[15:30] Origin of an Imposter

[18:23] I Got a B: my parents were upset.

[19:32] I Got into Stanford: parents were upset


[23:23] New life in CA but same old problem

[23.30] Getting bad grades

[24:17] I didn't go to med school: my parents were upset

[25:50] Full blown imposter syndrome

[26:49] Proving myself at home, at work, everywhere

[32:14] Big wake-up call

[33:57] Episode 3 Preview

Theme Song: Imagine by Zoo

Mid-roll and Post-roll Song: Clarity by Zoo

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