S1:E8 Sorry, Not Sorry

Asians Breaking Ceilings

Oct 2 2023 • 40 mins

Asian women tend to apologize unnecessarily. This habit negatively affects us in all aspects of work and personal relationships. In this episode Jeanny shares examples from her past in which an apology was warranted. Included in this session is an extra-long affirmation in Part 2 of the Episode for you to gain your confidence back!

See full transcipt at AsiansBreakingCeilings.com in Episode 7.

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[00:00] Teaser

[00:36] Episode 7 Intro

[01:59] How To Benefit from this podcast

[02:23] The Truth about People who Apologize

[04:35] Story 1

[07:50] Story 2

[09:13] Story 3

[11:40] Story 4

[14:35] My parent apologized. It was underwhelming.

[21:10] BREAK

[21:46] Unnecessary Apologizing

[23:52] Din Tai Fung

[26:28] The Key to Freedom

[29:42] Affirmation to help you gain your power back

[39:04] Episode 9 Teaser

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Theme Song: Imagine by Zoo

Mid-roll Song: Making Progress by Dan Phillipson

Affirmation Song: Ghost Piano by Yeti Music

Affirmation Song: No Eye Has Seen by Caden Chai

Post-roll Song: Clarity by Zoo