The Way Of The Future, Totally Connected Cars, Initiatives From CES

The Bob Pritchard Radio Show

Jan 21 2014 • 59 mins

The car of the future, self driving, self parking and fully connected through mobile. Also, your car will be telling the authorities every mile you drive, everywhere you go. We also talk about the new YouGov Brand Index survey which contains a lot of surprises, but indicates how precious brand equity is to every company. This is highlighted by the collapse of technology companies brand equity because of their alleged cooperation with the government on information gathering and companies like Target that were the subject of credit card hacking. We also discuss three entrepreneurs who gave up looking for a job and set up very successful businesses. We discuss how to complete against bigger competitors and how to keep up with the rapid changes in the marketplace and in the way we communicate and maintain our clients. We have our very popular email segment, and an interview that I believe is of paramount importance to all entrepreneurs.