Tourism Heads and Their Tales

Eddy Alexander

Tourism Heads and their Tales is a podcast featuring interviews and conversation with today’s tourism leaders and influencers, and explores how they are shaping the future of travel and tourism. Hosted by Bob Gilbert who, for over three decades, has focused on the ever changing dynamics of travel and tourism. Bob Gilbert is the general manager for the tourism and destination marketing practice at the award-winning strategic marketing agency, Eddy Alexander. He has had the privilege of working with iconic brands including Disney, Choice Hotels, National Parks Service, Kennedy Space Center, and Best Western International. In addition, he has served on various committees, industry boards, even an elected commissioner for Visit California. During his extensive career, he has met with world leaders and many wonderful colleagues who, in their own ways, are pushing the industry forward, improving communities around the globe, and using tourism to increase understanding, access, and quality of life for those who work in travel and those that love to travel.