S8 Ep1: Can One Have a Physical Body When on the Other Side?

Psychic Evolution

Aug 9 2023 • 30 mins

Do we have a physical body when we cross over? Is the other side just as solid as this one? Join Jamie and Maggie in this Season 8 opener as they talk about different dimensions holding their own vibration, light, energy and frequencies. Each reality is just as solid as this one.

Have you experienced an apport from the other side as a solid object appearing out of nowhere? Everything is energy so form and matter are just a slower vibration of energy. It goes to show that if matter can appear from another dimension, then isn’t it as solid on the other side as it is here on this planet?

Learning how to read a Soulprint of energy will help you read energy of your loved ones once they graduate life and also your own energy in other lifetimes through Soul Tracing.

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