The Daily Mess Pushing Beyond The Mountain

Arroe Collins: The Choice

Apr 12 2022 • 5 mins

April 11, 2022 Something positive. Where is that source of energy? It’s a choice. Right? That’s what we learned in martial arts. Winning is a choice. It was within those classes that I found value in more than just kicking, punching and fighting. A Black Belt life means being mentally aware of all things around you. The growth are steps into and toward a more meaningful connection to serving people and less about collecting belts and trophies. To look at change and challenge and see it as an avenue of learning. The mindset never turns off. Growing beyond the Do Jang is where your heart uses experiences as the tool. The real walk and way are on the streets of everyday. Lead by example. Displaying courage and confidence without complaint or ache. Walking through the mountain.