"Seasons" It is okay to change your mind about things as you grow and acquire more knowledge

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Aug 26 2021 • 18 seconds

“Seasons” LaKeshia T. Williams

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We are just as the Earth, shifting gradually between seasons

When we are open to receive, we are ever evolving beings who will consistently change and grow until our time on this realm is done. When we close our minds to new or foreign things, we rob ourselves of an authentic experience in this lifetime. Allow yourself and loved ones the space to grow. Just because at one point in life you agreed with something or enjoyed it, does not mean it will align with you in your next season of life and vice versa.

Give yourself and others a break and allow them and yourself the space to change and shift as many times deemed necessary. Remember, when reconnecting with our authentic selves, the goal is to be the observer and not the judge. If you should feel another’s season does not align with yours, lovingly release them and make space for new people and experiences that better align with your current season.

Life is much sweeter when you surrender to what is, without attachment to what was.

Until next time.

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With Love, Keesh

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