Managing Data Science Teams and Hiring Machine Learning Engineers with Harikrishna Narayanan (YC Stealth Startup)

Machine Learning Engineered

Feb 9 2021 • 1 hr 15 mins

Harikrishna Narayanan is the co-founder of a YC-backed stealth startup. He was previously a Principal Engineer at Yahoo, a Director in Workday's Machine Learning organization, and holds an M.S. from Georgia Tech. Every Thursday I send out the most useful things I’ve learned, curated specifically for the busy machine learning engineer. Sign up here: ( Follow Charlie on Twitter: ( Subscribe to ML Engineered: ( Comments? Questions? Submit them here: ( Take the Giving What We Can Pledge: ( Timestamps: 02:45 How Hari got started in computer science and machine learning 06:00 Making the transition from IC to manager 14:35 What it means to be an effective engineering manager 19:20 Differences in managing machine learning vs traditional software teams 24:30 The importance of explaining complicated topics simply 30:15 How he thinks about hiring for data science and machine learning 36:50 Mistakes Workday made as it adopted machine learning 41:50 Essential skills for machine learning engineers 54:05 Why the future of AI is augmentation, not automation 58:30 His experience so far with YC 01:02:00 Rapid fire questions Links: (Growth Mindset) (The Feynman Technique) (Radical Candor) (Trillion Dollar Coach) (Multipliers) (Good to Great) (The First 90 Days) (Crossing the Chasm) (Zero to One) (The Lean Startup) (The Hard Thing About Hard Things) (Sapiens) (A Short History of Nearly Everything) (On Intelligence) (Prediction Machines) (Algorithms to Live By) (The Synthetic Data Vault)