Developing Feast, the Leading Open Source Feature Store, with Willem Pienaar (Gojek, Tecton)

Machine Learning Engineered

Mar 9 2021 • 1 hr 11 mins

Willem Pienaar is the co-creator of Feast, the leading open source feature store, which he leads the development of as a tech lead at Tecton. Previously, he led the ML platform team at Gojek, a super-app in Southeast Asia. Learn more: ( ( Every Thursday I send out the most useful things I’ve learned, curated specifically for the busy machine learning engineer. Sign up here: ( Follow Charlie on Twitter: ( Subscribe to ML Engineered: ( Comments? Questions? Submit them here: ( Take the Giving What We Can Pledge: ( Timestamps: 02:15 How Willem got started in computer science 03:40 Paying for college by starting an ISP 05:25 Willem's experience creating Gojek's ML platform 21:45 Issues faced that led to the creation of Feast 26:45 Lessons learned building Feast 33:45 Integrating Feast with data quality monitoring tools 40:10 What it looks like for a team to adopt Feast 44:20 Feast's current integrations and future roadmap 46:05 How a data scientist would use Feast when creating a model 49:40 How the feature store pattern handles DAGs of models 52:00 Priorities for a startup's data infrastructure 55:00 Integrating with Amundsen, Lyft's data catalog 57:15 The evolution of data and MLOps tool standards for interoperability 01:01:35 Other tools in the modern data stack 01:04:30 The interplay between open and closed source offerings Links: (Feast's Github) (Gojek Data Science Blog) (Data Build Tool (DBT)) (Tensorflow Data Validation (TFDV)) (A State of Feast) (Google BigQuery) (Lyft Amundsen) (Cortex) (Kubeflow) (MLFlow)