The Psychology Podcast


In each episode, we talk with inspiring scientists, thinkers, and other self-actualized individuals who will give you a greater understanding of yourself, others, and the world we live in. Scott Barry Kaufman explores the depths of human potential and tries to get a glimpse into human possibility in every episode. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Psychology Podcast is all about mental health and the mental capability of humans. Host Scott Barry Kaufman discusses the secrets of the mind and the hidden brain. Human behavior can be a mystery. This podcast covers cognitive science, neuroscience, and psychology. It clarifies questions about the mind and mental well-being. Kaufman examines all the facets of human behavior. This is a discussion-based and interview-style podcast. Each episode highlights a new speaker and creates a thorough discussion.

Scott speaks with a variety of experts on The Psychology Podcast. Guests include best-selling authors of books on psychology and psychotherapists. Each episode discusses topics and data backed by the American Psychological Association. Anne Fausto-Sterling talks about sex and gender. She provides a biological and psychological view on the topic. For more on sex, Buck Angel discusses his experience as a member of the Sexual Freedom Alliance.

The Psychology Podcast is a judgment-free place for learning and understanding. Dr. Carole Hooven talks about testosterone and the cross-sections of genetics and culture. Steven Kotler, executive director of Flow Research Collective, joins to share on aging. He talks about training the body to remain at peak performance. The New York Times bestselling author David Epstein discusses his research on greatness. Martin Seligman shares his expertise on positive psychology and mental illness.

From psychedelics to self-care, The Psychology Podcast covers everything related to the brain. The podcast discusses history, social sciences, and biology. It provides a well-rounded approach to learning. For those with depression, there is an episode on self-compassion and self-help. For questions about the effects of social media on the brain, there is an episode for that, too! This podcast highlights transgender psychology, biases, and the psyche of high performance. It helps listeners to learn about who they are and the science behind it.

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