In Kind

Julie Krohner

Welcome to In Kind, where guests let go of an emotional burden that's been blocking their personal growth. What are you holding inside? Experience profound healing, closure, movement and motivation after releasing your story. I'm a social scientist who's spent my life interviewing thousands of people - In Kind is the most important work I've done yet. My mission is to help 1,000,000 humans heal and grow by holding space to listen empathically. If you're ready for release, it's easy to be a guest on In Kind! Schedule a call to learn more! https://calendly.com/inkindpodcast/20-min
33. How To Release Family Hierlooms and Possessions - Guilt Free!32. How to Take IMperfect Action, and Own It31. Bringing Emotional Release for Men Into the Spotlight, with the Mankind Project30. From Suicidal to Self-Love: Reframing I'm Not Enough, with Evan29. Expert Hour, No Bad Parts! IFS founder Dr. Richard Schwartz Shows Us How to Empathically Lead Our Internal Family of Selves28. Three Thoughts: How to Get Better at Being a Beginner27. How to Stop Measuring Your Self Worth by Your Productivity, with Tessie26. Three Thoughts: Happy Birthday In Kind!25. Expert Hour, Neurotheologist Dr. Andrew Newberg on Changing Your Brain Through Self-Talk, Meditation and Prayer24. Three Thoughts: I Am Becoming - A Self in Review23. Part II Escaping a Cult at 30, with J.22. Escaping a Cult at 30 - Learning to Live as a 'Wordly,' with J.21. Three Thoughts: Empathy to Action - It Starts with Ourselves20. Living Joyfully On Death Row: Cultivating Self and Other Empathy, with George19. Three Thoughts: Self-Talk, Meet Empathy18. An Out of Body Experience Sparks a Spiritual Journey, with Kate
Perfect timing for this episode. Kate is a deep thinker and a spiritual light. But this was hard-won. Her paranormal encounter was invalidated, and having her truth dismissed became a theme in her life - one that landed her three months in a psych hospital, death threats from angry blog followers, and ultimately her path to a new life as a spiritual healer. If you've been misunderstood (who hasn't?) there's a lot to learn from Kate. And don't miss the intro to shadow work towards the end - I'll be doing her burning ritual on Halloween night. Join me and tell me about it! SHOW NOTESJack Kornfield Loving Kindness Meditation https://jackkornfield.com/loving-kindness-meditation/Tara Brach Letting Go of Anger Meditation The Parable of the Prickly Porcupine https://insighttimer.com/blog/how-to-let-go-of-anger-through-mindfulness/Body scan to let go of resentment https://insighttimer.com/mindfulact/guided-meditations/letting-go-of-resentment-and-its-painCarl Jung Book - Shadow https://www.simplypsychology.org/carl-jung.htmlShadow Work practitioner guide https://scottjeffrey.com/shadow-work/Kali mantra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUMGhUi1ETwFull Moon Burning Ritual https://eugeniarosa.com/blog/forgivenessbytheglowofthefullmoonHo'oponopono forgiveness mantra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGd1F6QoHswhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqrssdH6ET4Non-violent communication technique https://www.nonviolentcommunication.com/learn-nonviolent-communication/4-part-nvcKate's Spiritual Healing Practice
Oct 27 2020
50 mins
17. Three Thoughts: Comparison & Ways to Fend It Off16. The Importance of Validating a Child's Feelings, with Minnie15. The Softspoken Badass: Tackling Fears and Uncovering Your Hidden Wisdom, with Jeremy14. Expert Hour, Self-Talk Author Dr. Shad Helmstetter on Overcoming 140k No's, Ignoring Second-Hand Self-Talk and Cleaning Your Mental Apartment