Dick's Picks Vol. 14 - 11/30-12/2/73, Boston, MA

36 From the Vault

Sep 7 2020 • 2 hrs 37 mins

In this week’s episode we explore Dick’s Picks Vol. 14, from the Boston Music Hall in Boston, MA on November 30 and December 2, 1973. The first ever four-disc Dick’s Picks, this dives back into the world of late-1973 - a particularly brilliant period in Dead history - for the first time since Dick’s Picks Vol. 1. It is also the last volume in the series that Dick Latvala was alive for its release. Please take a moment to remember the man who brought us this incredible peek into the world of the greatest band in the land.

Across four discs we hear a great representation of two different shows from the era. Disc One opens with “Morning Dew” before seeing strong takes on “Dire Wolf,” “Black Throated Wind” and “Big River.” The first of two “Playin’ In The Band’s” closes out. In Disc Two we’re treated to a phenomenal suite of GD jamming in “Weather Report Suite -> Dark Star Jam> Eye’s Of The World” while the disc’s opener, “Here Comes Sunshine” is the first we’ve heard since DP1. Disc Three mirrors the first, however goes a touch deeper in a phenomenal “Weather Report Suite> Wharf Rat -> Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodelo.” The volume closes with a killer Fourth Disc highlighted by an incredible 25+min “Playin’ -> He’s Gone> Truckin’> Stella Blue>Morning Dew.” Overall, it matches Dick’s Picks Vol. 7 and 12 in its ability to showcase what made the 1973/74 peak of The Dead so strong.

Steven and Rob focus on their appreciation for Dick Latvala, the ability for The Dead to jam as one during this period, the slippery slope of Dead Fandom, the copisms of Phil, and the brilliant moments of Jerry’s slide.

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