#1: Episode 1 - Trailer

Learn More Earn More Business Growth Podcast

Dec 11 2020 • 9 mins

The Do Marketing Better Podcast

Host: Brian Webb

Episode 1: Trailer



The Do Marketing Better Podcast is sponsored by Whatbox Digital, a marketing and consulting agency in the Greater Houston Metroplex. This podcast is designed to be your NUMBER 1 resource in the world to learn the secrets, frameworks, systems, and growth hacks that are essential to grow and scale any business. - Bad marketing is a pandemic and the mortal enemy of growing your business, but GOOD MARKETING DONE RIGHT is the cure to poverty!


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Brian Webb:

Well, it's official. This is the trailer and the premiere episode of The Do Marketing Better Podcast. As the intro says, I am Brian Webb. I am the CEO and one of the senior consultants at a marketing and consulting firm called Whatbox Digital. While Whatbox services clients all around the world, our headquarters is located here in The Woodlands, Texas, which is a suburb, a master plan community on the Northside of Houston. Whatbox happens to be the sponsor of this podcast as well. Since this episode is the trailer and introduction to what we're all about. It seems fitting to introduce you to both our brand as a marketing agency, as much as introducing you to this podcast and sharing what's in it for you as a subscriber and a listener.

First, it might be a good idea to talk about the name, Whatbox. The name, Whatbox is actually a question. Jack Welch, who was arguably one of the top and most well-known CEOs of the 20th century, he led General Electric through tremendous growth from 1981 to 2001. In his book, which I read probably 10 years ago, Winning, he wrote about a core value that he instilled at General Electric, which he called boundarylessness.

Our name actually stems from a core belief that if you want to grow your business, there are no boundaries. There is no box. So in fact, so much so that we would say, what box? Whatbox Digital is actually brand new but our core leadership team has been serving our clients in the Houston metroplex and around the nation for nearly 18 years. So while the brand, as an agency and this podcast is sparkly brand new, we're not the new guys in town by any stretch.

As the CEO of my previous agency, Loud Creative, my team and I had the privilege of coaching and providing marketing advice and servicing brands you've probably heard of like Coca-Cola or Karbach Brewing, The Hospital Corporation of America, The Entrepreneurs Organization of America, Caldwell banker, Sabreliner Aviation and many, many other clients in probably over, I think it was 60 different industry verticals, but enough about us, let me tell you why we exist.

Bad marketing is the mortal enemy of business growth, period. That's what we believe and that's what we teach. 18 years of experience has proven over and over again that most business leaders are just not effective at all in consistently executing marketing strategies that actually grow their businesses. And the problem really is pandemic. And that's why we exist, we're here to help. We do this in three ways.

First, we provide consulting services that allow us to come in as a strategic partner where we can one, discover what growth goals our clients want to achieve. Second, we actually audit where they are currently and identify holes in their existing marketing initiatives. And then last, we actually come in and present new strategies that will help clients basically to reduce the friction of acquiring new customers and more effectively grow their business with proven tactics that actually work.

Second, we actually help business leaders find the right creative and marketing experts and execution partners to get the necessary work done, allowing them to leverage their strategies that they've been taught and watch their businesses ascend to new heights.

And third, we are actually in the middle of launching a brand new mastermind program, where we provide ongoing coaching and frameworks and tools and community and accountability and educational workshops that help them to ensure that they will basically be able to never be left in the dark again about what it takes to actually successfully grow and scale their businesses with more effective marketing strategies.

I can't, I say this all the time, I can't, you can't, none of us can afford to risk business failure by attempting to navigate this journey on her own. So that's what the mastermind is all about. Any wise leader already knows that constant and aggressive pursuit of knowledge and wisdom is paramount. If you ask me anyway, if we are to truly be successful in creating a real business that has any kind of significant impact, most certainly to our own personal economies, but also to our community, there will forever be new trends and new approaches to growing your business as the world, technologies and our culture is constantly changing around us. So we must continue to adjust to the never-ending changing landscape of marketing and business growth. So that's again, why, Whatbox Digital exists. Consider this your personal invitation to be a part of our tribe.

You know, when entrepreneurs and business leaders hire marketing experts and agencies, they're always looking to pay for results. Unfortunately, in my experience, most marketers and agencies are only selling their time. So any time that there's a gap that lies between what we expect and what we experience and you'll understand this, that's where frustration and disappointment is going to show up and grow and fester over time.

So again, we're here to help and we're committed to seeing the entrepreneurs and business leaders in our podcast audience, just like our roster of clients grow, succeed, and dominate your competitors. We'll help you to make better decisions and experience fewer regrets. I'm begging you to stop spending money on marketing that does not work and has little or no chance of helping you to grow your business.

So who is this podcast for? First and foremost, this podcast is absolutely for entrepreneurs and business owners that are driven and determined to grow and scale their businesses, but almost equally as much this podcast is for those of you that might have aspirational dreams of launching a new business someday. The way my team and I see it, you might as well get started off on the right foot by actually having a plan that will effectively acquire new customers and grow your revenue.

We're also here though for marketing leaders. In other words, if you're a Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Marketing, or a Marketing Coordinator inside of another organization, and you'd like to have access to the newest secrets, tactics, strategies, current trends that we see working to grow other people's businesses, then I think you'll find this podcast to be a must-listen. And the overall content that you choose to consume on a regular basis to keep growing as a marketing professional.

What can you expect from this podcast? As I've alluded to a little earlier, we'll always be sharing ongoing secrets and tips and tricks and resources, all kinds of stuff. The list is actually quite long as to all the resources and knowledge and wisdom and insights that we'll be sharing over the course of the days, weeks, months, and years to come. But we'll also keep you up to date with growth hacks and marketing trends that we continue to monitor across all of our numerous strategic relationships and information channels.

We'll be sharing interviews as well with thought leaders, authors, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and pretty much anyone that we know that can provide helpful insights on how to be more effective in growing a business. And we'll definitely be making a strong effort to have fun and be entertaining along the way.

So that's it for today, our trailer and premier podcast episode. We're here and I speak for all of us when I say, I hope you'll become an active part of the community. You'll never meet anyone else, who's more committed to adding value to your life than me or my team. It's why we're here.

Thank you for listening to today's episode of The Do Marketing Better Podcast, where we know that bad marketing is a pandemic and the mortal enemy of growing your business, but good marketing done right is the cure to poverty. I genuinely hope that you enjoyed today's episode. I'd be honored if you subscribe to the show and leave us a review if you felt that today's episode inspired you to do marketing better in a way that will actually help you grow your business.

I'd be honored for you to connect with me personally, on Instagram at, @Brian Webb and Whatbox Digital at, @Whatbox Digital. You can also find me and Whatbox on Facebook and LinkedIn with the links in the show notes. This will allow you to stay up to date and never miss out on exciting new announcements, events, offers, and opportunities. And you'll be in the know when a new episode of our do marketing, better podcast drops. And if you'd like to drop me a DM to say hello, I'd love to hear from you.

And since we are launching this podcast, mid-December, 2020, I want to take a quick moment from the very bottom of my heart and wish you, your family, and your team a very Merry, Merry Christmas. I sincerely hope, I believe actually, that 2021 is going to be your best year yet. Again, thank you for listening. Let's go and grow together. I'll see you in the next episode.