The Power of Clear Positioning: Lessons from Robby Fowler

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Aug 14 2023 • 44 mins

Episode #346


On the show today I have a wonderful conversation with Robby Fowler about just how important it is to get crystal clear on who you serve and what problems you solve for them. This will help you turn a blanket brand strategy that connects with no one into a clear and compelling call that will show your target audience that you know and understand them. By getting clear on who you serve, what problem you solve, and how you can accomplish this for them; you will be able to pull in more leads, build trust, and convert those leads into sales that are supported by a healthy and genuine relationship. It’s time to clear things up and move forward into greater success for your business!

Key Takeaways

  • Find a common denominator that links your target clients.
  • Use the 3 P’s of Positioning to communicate with clarity who you serve and how you help them.
  • When marketing, lead with the problem that you solve for your client.
  • Use the ABCs of business to diagnose the health of your business and identify what is holding you back.

About Robby Fowler

Robby Fowler is a branding and marketing strategist who helps high-integrity consultants, coaches, and trainers build, brand, and market personal brands that make more (than) money.

Robby believes too many personal brand businesses are trapped on a treadmill of activity because they’re not crystal clear on what specific business they want to build. While every personal brand wants more money, Robby helps them get there by building a business worth giving their lives to.

In This Episode

  • [00:00] Welcome to the show!
  • [01:50] Meet Robby Fowler
  • [06:06] Turning setback into success
  • [12:30] The Three P’s of Positioning
  • [16:22] Niching
  • [25:13] How to develop a successful hook
  • [31:04] Growing through experience
  • [34:54] The ABCs of Business
  • [41:44] Connect with Robby
  • [43:31] Outro


“Fog slows down even the fastest Ferrari” [14:00] - Robby Fowler

“Get busy then get picky” [20:37] - Robby Fowler

“Use what you might consider as your weaknesses as your strengths. [24:09] - Robby Fowler

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