How To Attract High-End & Celebrity Clients with Sasha Souza

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Apr 21 2017 • 50 mins

Episode #20


When a lot of us start out in the wedding industry, whether it be as filmmakers, photographers, or coordinators, we have dreams of working with high-end luxury and celebrity clients. I know I did when I first started, but as most of us realize pretty quickly, it can be really hard to elevate your brand to a level that attracts that type of clientele. And even if you do, there are often a host of other challenges that accompany these clients.

Sasha Souza is the founder of Sasha Souza Events and has been planning and coordinating events of all kinds, including weddings for over 20 years. In that span, she’s guided her company to becoming one of the top event, design, and wedding coordination companies in the US, the most awarded wedding design and event planning company in Napa and Sonoma, and now has offices in Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Over the years she’s worked with a number of celebrity clients and shares with us today her mindset behind attracting those clients and working with them, including how to handle being asked to work for PR.

With all the success of her own business, Sasha is now broadening her focus to include helping other creative professionals “who have no idea why their businesses suck.” What’s more, she’s offering a $100 discount off of her 8-week coaching Masterplan to listeners of this episode (see link below)!

In this Episode

  • The importance of having a truly great team around you if you want to get to the top levels of your industry
  • Sasha’s full pricing structure for events, destination work, and celebrity clients
  • How to attract the type of clients you want by curating your portfolio
  • Why if you don’t already have a business coach, it might be one of the best relationships of your life


[15:49] “Nothing pisses me off more than putting down a peer who has talent. We all started somewhere.”

[22:15] “You just think ‘oh well if I do this for this [famous] person and we do get that PR, we’re going to get booked by everybody!’ And what I’ve found out is that actually doesn’t happen.”

[35:21] “Aside from being afraid of spiders, there is no fear that is valid.”


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