143. ONE Question to Handle Sh*t Storms in Business and Come Out Winning

ONE Question: Unapologetic Questions for Unapologetic Results

Jul 10 2023 • 31 mins

I don’t have success because I’ve managed to avoid challenges or the metaphorical and literal sh*t storms in business or life.

My decade acting in Hollywood is littered with hurdles I skinned my knees trying to jump over for as many as I cleared.

Manhattan and its overpriced rent greeted me with a bathroom ceiling that caved in on my way to an interview I’d spent six months working to get in the advertising world, but not before spraying my hair with some of the sewage.

I’ve had more sticky situations over my previous ten years serving cocktails at the bar - including chasing thugs down Sunset Blvd to pay their tab and navigating conflicts with a prince and A-list producer - than I can count.

Point being, I can do hard things and still create success, and so can you.

That’s why in this week’s episode, we’re unpacking ONE Question to handle sh*t storms in business and come out winning.

We’re diving into:

  • the number one skill set and mindset that serves you as an entrepreneur.

  • how to use this question as a pattern interrupt to shift your focus so you can creatively problem-solve to find the hidden opportunities for growth and profit in any mess.

  • how to avoid freezing during challenges so you can show up, lead, and take action like a CEO to win in any circumstance.

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