156. You Asked, I Answered: ONE Question About How to Think About Repurposing Content as a CEO

ONE Question: Unapologetic Questions for Unapologetic Results

Aug 24 2023 • 15 mins

Repurposing content isn’t a revolutionary idea - creators having been turning blogs into books and books into movies for decades. And, if you’ve been in business for a hot second, I’m guessing you’re in on strategy.

But, just because you know about repurposing, get it as a concept, see it in action, and even understand how it might help you get some time back, I wonder if you’re allowing yourself to fully leverage and benefit from a content repurposing process?

Whether you’re unclear on the ‘how to’ of effective repurposing or worried repeating your content will water down your marketing or be less effective, this episode is for you.

Join me in this bite-size biz lesson, and my unapologetic answer to one of your unapologetic questions in You Asked, I Answered: About How to Think About Repurposing Content as a CEO.

In Episode 156, we jam on:

  • the most common fears I notice entrepreneurs have about repurposing their content, and a reframe to tame those mindset gremlins and support your business growth and sustainability.

  • the exact thought process and mindset I have about repurposing, and the “rule” we have for any piece of content in my business.

  • how to step into your CEO role to take a look at your content strategy and make decisions that support your marketing and sales as well as the customer journey you’re paving for right-fit clients.

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