We all have some thoughts that we would be judged heavily on if they ever exited our lips. Each week, join Cedric, one of the most awkward people you could ever imagine, as he interviews guests on a variety of edgy and hilarious topics. If you enjoy unfiltered honesty, raw conversations and laughing at things you shouldn’t this is the podcast for you. We won’t judge you for listening if you don’t judge us for what we are bound to say.Follow us on Instagram: @awkwardtpodcast

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Can I Hit You In The Face With A Lamp?
Can I Hit You In The Face With A Lamp?Cheater, Cheater, Threesome SeaterBi the way let's get something straight I'm not GAY!"Authenticity starts in the heart"Karen Coughed on Me!!!!My Family Has Terms And Conditions!!!Meth, Money and Madness"I'm More Like Her...""He Who Asks A Question"A Naked Body Of ArtLove Blindly With Your Eyes Wide OpenSwipe Left For Oprah's ButterThrow them over the wall!