The Right Kind of Tough with Donovan + Rosemary

Failing Motherhood

Feb 7 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

Donovan + Rosemary are phenomenal parents doing their very best to raise 3 girls in Louisiana.  They're working to parent differently than they were parented, in the South, with a strong-willed child.  They joined me in this episode to share an honest look at the struggles and fears they've experienced over the past few years; some unique, most universal.

Rosemary shares vulnerably about being so hard on herself, especially as an OT working with kids, struggling with her own child.

Donovan uses great analogies to depict how much his understanding of "good parenting" has shifted over the past year (hint: it wasn't from IG posts sent his way).

If you've ever wondered how to get your partner on board with gentle parenting and transform your home together, you BOTH need this whole interview.


  • The misconceptions that had Donovan convinced gentle parenting wasn't going to keep his kids out of jail - and what would
  • The hesitations they each had in investing in their parenting (it wasn't money)
  • The most powerful takeaways they both still use while parenting today


  • Why Donovan got "mad" at me quite often as we worked together
  • A moving realization that brought tears to Rosemary's eyes


I believe in you & I'm cheering you on.
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