Episode 21. Are you a Lumper or a Splitter?

PoLoop Angielski

Jan 7 2023 • 10 mins

When it comes to learning a language, are you a lumper or a splitter? Which approach is better for learners of a foreign language?

You can download the complete transcript of this episode here.

Key terms used in the recording:

  • to lump: to put things together in the same group and consider them as the same even though there are differences between them
  • to split: to put similar things in different categories; to focus on differences between things rather than similarities

Other words and phrases used in the recording (in alphabetical order):

  • armoury: skills or powers that are available for someone if they need to use it
  • continual: continuing without stopping or happening again and again, often in an annoying way
  • to convey a meaning: to communicate an idea
  • to do justice to something: to represent something fairly, especially in a way that shows how good or attractive something is
  • a fossilised error: an error that is fixed and difficult to get rid of
  • a groundbreaking theory: a theory that changes the way we understand things; theory that leads to new discoveries
  • to feel superior: to feel better than someone else
  • hair-splitting: arguing about unimportant details or differences
  • insight: a deeper understanding of what something is like
  • inquisitively: showing interest; wanting to learn things
  • the latter: the second of the two things that have just been mentioned
  • to mansplain something: When a man mansplains something, he explains it to a woman in a way that shows he knows more about it than she does.
  • matter-of-fact: said or done without showing emotion
  • a merger of two words: a word created from combining two separate words
  • minutiae: very small or unimportant details
  • a nitpicking perfectionist: a person who focuses on small unimportant details trying to do things perfectly
  • misinterpretation: a wrong way of understanding of a message
  • nuanced: taking account of small but important differences
  • to overthink something: to think about something too much
  • to pay off: to bring some benefit; to be advantageous
  • peckish: a little bit hungry
  • to ponder something: to think carefully about something for a long time
  • to reason with sb: to talk to someone trying to convince them or persuade them to do something
  • to retaliate: to attack someone because they've attacked you first
  • a shift: a change in something, for example in someone's ideas or methods
  • to tell something apart: to see the difference between two things that are very similar
  • trout: a fish that lives in rivers and lakes
  • turquoise: bright green-blue in colour
  • the upper hand: an advantage over someone or something

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