Episode 23. Stress in Two-part Phrasal Verbs

PoLoop Angielski

Jan 22 2023 • 11 mins

In this episode you will learn about three kinds of two-part Phrasal Verbs (transitive, separable PVs, transitive, inseparable PVs, and intransitive PVs), and how the type influences the position of stress in the phrase.

You will also hear examples of many Phrasal Verbs connected with business meetings.

You can download the complete transcript of this episode here.

Transitive, separable Phrasal Verbs used in the examples:

  • set sth up: organise and plan something
  • bring sth forward: change the date or time of an event so it happens earlier
  • call sth off: cancel something
  • put sth off: change the date or time of an event so it happens later
  • wind sth up: end something

Transitive, inseparable Phrasal Verbs used in the examples:

  • go over sth: check something carefully
  • do without sth: succeed without something
  • touch on sth: mention something when are talking or writing
  • go for sth: choose something
  • bear on sth: be connected with something or influence something

Intransitive Phrasal Verbs used in the examples:

  • break down: stop working
  • doze off: fall asleep especially during the day without intending to do so
  • go ahead: start or continue to do something, especially after waiting for permission
  • go around: be enough for everybody
  • drop in: make a short visit somewhere

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