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A horror, trash, sci-fi, action podcast. The Common Craig, his wife, Nicole, and other contributors, discuss genre movies with their own brand of whimsical wit. Join them as they withstand the lengthy horrors of segments like the FOCUS OF FEAR! They decide whether a movie survives to live on in their collection, or meets a grisly demise in AMASS OR MURDER! Their bloodlust demands that an anthology movie does battle with itself, in the ANTHOLOGY DEATHMATCH! Will these depraved despots ever release and discuss their captives from the DUNGEON OF DIRECTORS? Or are they too busy carving up someone's career in another ACTOR AUTOPSY? The only way to find out, is to listen! Allow this to be YOUR cure, as well.
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Frankenstein (1931) 90th Anniversary
Nov 19 2021
1 hr 46 mins
Frankenstein (1931) 90th Anniversary17th Annual A-Z of Horror Festival, The Final Chapter17th Annual A-Z of Horror Festival, Part 2
It's time to rejoin the October Halloween horror action, in progress, with part two of the 17th Annual A-Z of Horror Festival! If you could choose three people to hang out and have dinner with during the spooky season, Edgar Allan Poe, Roger Corman and Vincent Price would probably be ideal. Unless, of course, everything is literally crumbling down around you. Which certainly seems to be the case with the House of Usher (1960). Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi might take exception with not being invited, but they have their own problems to contend with in The Invisible Ray (1936). And it's sad, but Jennifer (1978) may not be an ideal guest for everyone, especially if she arrives with two handfuls of serpents. Or a giant snake emerges and bites someone's head off. That's probably going to ruin the evening. Poor Paul Bartel would enjoy a fine evening of dining, but he's obligated to attend the dreadful Killer Party (1986). Princess Lola, and her reluctant date, regret to inform you that they have a night of dancing and torture, which seems like a priority in The Loved Ones (2009). Should you invite Maddie? Well, it would probably be okay. Unless she starts having visions of death. And you see some creepy thing that seems to be running around backwards. If that happens, you may want to move to a different country, because things are about to get Malignant (2021)! You could invite Janet, but it's not her birthday. And let's be honest, she's not much fun unless someone is getting stabbed. Otherwise, her paranoia is kind of a Nightmare (1964). Holland and Niles probably wouldn't make the best guests. They won't wash their hands and wouldn't sit still long enough to actually eat or have a conversation. Plus, there seem to be a lot of unfortunate accidents while they're around, as evidenced in The Other (1972). And it's a good thing that it's not New Year's Eve. Not that you would necessarily anticipate anyone dying at the dinner party.  But if it happens, I suppose that you could always summon The Phantom Carriage (1921).
Oct 22 2021
2 hrs 43 mins
17th Annual A-Z of Horror Festival, Part 1
It's the return of the October ritual. Time for the 17th Annual A-Z of Horror Festival. There's no time to waste, on to the movies! This episode, it's A-G! Moaning egg things burst and get green goo all over unsuspecting investigators, which causes them to explode from within, causing a grisly trail of human hamburger gore. Join the coffee cult or die, in Alien Contamination (1980)! More aliens, this time invading New Zealand! Where they hack up and box up small town residents for a new intergalactic fast food sensation. Only "The Boys" can stop, or more likely contribute to, the absurdity of Bad Taste (1987)! Imagine getting married, only to discover that if your spouse becomes aroused, they may rip you to shreds. Better keep some catnip on hand! It the classic Val Lewton production, Cat People (1942). Still shinin' after all these years (thanks, Miles)! Adult Dan Torrance, still tormented by the Overlook Hotel, uses its powers against a new threat, in Doctor Sleep (2019). Does anything else need to be said, other than the title? No. Earth vs. The Flying Saucers (1956)! Who's ready for a RV ride to Mexico? With a pair of criminals! To a bar called the Titty Twister! That happens to be a vampire lair! Oh, yeah. Probably not a good idea. But the bar is open, From Dusk Till Dawn (1996). And then from there, Peter Cushing joins the fray! But his gardner, John Hurt, is a gleeful villain that you should probably keep an eye on. In fact, can anyone be trusted? Who is The Ghoul (1975)?
Oct 8 2021
2 hrs 42 mins
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