Lean Construction Innovations in Government: A Path to Transforming

The EBFC Show

Jul 19 2023 • 24 mins

Step into the world of Lean Construction innovations as we explore the remarkable initiatives taking place in the municipality of Molde, Norway. Felipe entered a guest studio with Mette Holland, the Change Guide and Innovation Guide for Molde Municipality, and Jørgen Stensby, a tech enthusiast driving cultural shifts and change in the region with Odd Inge Samuelsen and Sindre Gundersen. Discover the groundbreaking features of Molde's innovation center and its purpose in tackling construction challenges.

Uncover the game-changing nature of this innovation center, fostering collaboration among citizens, industry experts, and academia. Explore the pioneering marketplace for construction material reuse, designed to minimize waste and promote sustainability. Additionally, learn about Molde's ambitious commitment to renewable energy, with plans to double its solar capacity on official buildings. The Molde government is embracing an Agile mindset, risk-taking attitude, and its inspiring journey towards creating a better world for all. Join us for an enthralling insight into the realm of lean construction innovations in the municipality of Molde!

"Change happens slow, steady, and then fast, and then very fast. And then it jumps. It'll have jumps, you'll be smooth. And you'll just have a jump. Smooth again." - Changes are dynamic, and complexity requires emphasizing the importance of adaptability and embracing new ideas and approaches. "We hope a lot of young employees will come to our area…a lot to play with and experiment with." The municipality's vision of attracting young talent and fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation involving both employees and young citizens in shaping Molde's future.

Smart Molde Lab: Smart Molde og på InnbyggerLaben INNOM

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