Episode 19: CONFLICT-IQ™ for Mediators

The Mediate.com Podcast

May 18 2022 • 32 mins

As a mediator, chances are you are familiar with EQ and IQ, but do you know about CONFLICT-IQ™?  In this episode, Yvette Durazo--the founder of Unitive Consulting and author of CONFLICT INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT "CONFLICT-IQ™"; The Missing Piece to Turbocharge Conscious Leaders' and Organizations' Emotional Intelligence--discusses the "what", "how" and "why" of CONFLICT-IQ™ for mediators.  Episode highlights include:
  • An overview of CONFLICT-IQ™ and the behaviors of someone who has CONFLICT-IQ™
  • How CONFLICT-IQ™ shows up with online and text-based communication
  • Why mediators need to know their own CONFLICT-IQ™
Links to resources mentioned in the show:   Yvette's website: https://www.unitiveconsulting.com/ Yvette's book: https://www.conflictintelligentbook.com/Bookinfoandmastercourse