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The Globalists In Plain Sight With Andrew Thibault - Pyschotropic Drugs And Shooters 10/29/23
Oct 29 2023
The Globalists In Plain Sight With Andrew Thibault - Pyschotropic Drugs And Shooters 10/29/23
CMD's Globalists in Plain Sight Host Christine Dolan interviews Andrew Thibault about the connection between psychotropic drugs and mass-shooters and terrorists that are  prescribed to ordinary civilians for anxiety and depression. FDA and PHARMA have known for years that some of these drugs increase violence, anger, murder and suicide. With the Maine mass shooter and Israel authorities finding captagon on dead Hamas' attackers bodies in Israel, this issue needs to be finally addressed. As a result of Thibault's FOIA, we can now finally prove FDA and PHARMA have known of these adverse effects for years. Andrew Thibault prevailed in a pro se FOIA suit against the U.S. FDA and successfully obtained over 700 drug adverse event reports linking psychotropic medications to homicides the agency previously withheld. "A dozen psychotropic medications taken by millions of Americans every day have a homicidal warning on the label, yet somehow we keep scratching our heads wondering why there are so many mass killings in the U.S.," says Thibault. Thibault directed the feature documentary Speed Demons: Killing for Attention available on multiple streaming services, chronicling the metamorphosis of a respected prosecutor turned mass shooter on a commonly prescribed ADHD medication. His advocacy work was influential in blocking FDA-approval of fruit-flavored chewable amphetamine tablets for children under the age of six. Israel officials found captagon, the "poor man's cocaine," in the pockets of dead Hamas bodies in Israel after Oct. 7. It is a synthetic amphetamine-type stimulant that drug traffickers clandestinely produce in southern Europe, then trafficked through Turkey and distributed across the Arabian Peninsula to both terrorists and civilians reported CDM's Christine Dolan.