Leslie Mattson / ALM Surgical Solutions

The Building Business Podcast

Aug 25 2021 • 31 mins


Leslie Mattson's background in running surgical centers led her on the path to entrepreneurship.  She identified a need in her industry and formed ALM Surgical Solutions to fill that need by providing services to people facing the same challenges she did prior to becoming an entrepreneur.

ALM Surgical Solutions has a proven track record in opening successful centers, and has assisted clients with site selection, licensing, certification, accreditation, etc.  Combining hands-on services with external education resources, ALM Surgical Solutions looks to improve the lives of all service providers working at surgery centers and the experiences of the patients that use the centers' services.

In this episode, Leslie shared several entrepreneurial tips:  (i) Being frugal is good, but do not be frugal to a fault, (ii) set appropriate boundaries and take care of yourself, (iii) listen and learn from what your clients are telling you, and (iv) build trusting relationships with people like you.

Learn more about Leslie and ALM Surgical Solutions:

Website: ALM Surgical Solutions

Email: leslie@almss.com

LinkedIn: Leslie Mattson

Facebook: ALM Surgical Solutions

Instagram: ALM Surgical Solutions